Hotel Mellain Fitness centre represents a rest and relaxation oasis which pervade the feeling of harmony and relaxation through your body and soul. In the focus of our fitness centre is relaxing your body and soul and freeing them from stressful situations which shall be left at the entrance of the hotel, nineteen floors down, enjoying the exquisite mountain view above the town roofs, and indulging all the blessings this centre offers.

Apart from top quality equipment, kind staff shall offer you help during your preparation training process. Natural lightning, window from ceiling to floor, spreading throughout the whole wall, shall provide enjoyable training and give you the feeling of open space training. 

Within hotel, there is a fitness centre with the pool, easy to reach using the lifts from any floor, equipped with all the comfort for most pleasant treatment. 



  • Pool with hydraulic sprayer
  • Sauna
  • Contemporary fitness centre and gym
  • Sun beds
  • Showers
  • Massage and treatment reservation